Rosie Fortescue

Rosie Fortescue: My Perfect Christmas

Which are your favourite London haunts during the winter?

I think The Wolseley is the dreamiest place for dinner, especially in the run up to Christmas. My birthday is in January, so we would normally go there every year to celebrate, but it’s so nice just to sit at the bar and have a drink with a friend.

How about date night?

I do love classic Zuma. My boyfriend and I also love spicy food so somewhere where there’s spice. Eight Over Eight is dreamy because it’s got that Japanese/Thai vibe.

Rosie Fortescue
Rosie Fortescue

A cosy glass of red?

Berners Tavern is super cosy and the decor and the Christmas decorations they do are stunning. I’m all about eating amazing food in a beautiful location. It’s great for a Sunday lunch, too.

Favourite Christmas tradition?

For the past couple of years, I’ve being working on a Saturday at a homeless shelter with a family friend. It’s a great thing to do when you have the weekend off and you want to give back. I feel like Christmas can be such an awful time if you don't have that perfect set up. When you do something like that it also puts everything into perspective.

Describe a typical Christmas Day.

Normally my whole family goes to church together, the Chelsea Old Church, which is where we’ve been going since my sister and I were babies. After that we go home, and everyone gets involved in the cooking. It’s great to hang out properly together because I'm normally so busy I don't really see my parents that often, which is funny considering we live in the same city about 20 minutes apart from each other!

What’s on your stocking filler list?

My mum likes to give us practical things. Makeup remover wipes and a lovely olive oil or a cookbook or something like that. I’ve always got some chocolate in there too, and Jelly Babies. They're very popular in our family.

Best gift?

My dog Noodle. She's thirteen and is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Most precious possession?

My vintage Rolex.

Favourite piece of jewellery?

I love all the pieces from my collection, but the hand cuffs are probably my all-time favourite.

Rosie Fortescue's Jewellery Collection
Rosie Fortescue's Jewellery Collection

What does luxury mean to you?

I would describe it as like a treat, something that is great quality, something with a story behind it.

Ultimate beauty indulgence?

BAUME DE ROSE in every handbag I own for sure. I also think a massage is the height of luxury. I normally have them at home through the Ruuby app. It’s divine because you can just put on a cashmere tracksuit afterwards and relax without having to go back out into the cold.

Christmas handbag essentials?

Red lipstick is essential (BY TERRY's ROUGE-EXPERT CLICK STICK) because it’s such a good way to steal a makeup look. Good eyeshadow, too – I’m really into warm tones lately. Then I think a highlighter is always great. I quite like a blush highlighter, something which gives you that sheen, but also brings warmth to your complexion, so BY TERRY's GLOW-EXPERT DUO STICK is perfect.

Key to the perfect Christmas party?

Good music, good atmosphere and having your friends around you.

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