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How to Shape Perfect Brows

How to Shape: Perfect Brows

Brow Expert Suman Jalaf
Brow Expert Suman Jalaf

Why do you think perfectly groomed, symmetrical brows have become such a trend?

I think the trend has social media to thank because of the number of makeup tutorials there are online now. There are celebrity eyebrows which have become iconic and groomed brows are much more accessible, and a must-have for the perfect makeup look.

How do you keep your brows in shape?

I thread every time I see a hair out of place! My eyebrows are my profession, so I must keep them clean and tidy. Having perfect brows is so important – I even microblade my own as I find this the easiest and most effective way to achieve the best shape.

Do you think microblading is the future of brows?

Definitely! The look it gives and its longevity (lasting up to 18 months) is so desirable – my clients love it. The desire of having perfect ‘I woke up like this’ brows every day is not something that I can ever see waning in popularity. It is of course is a slightly invasive treatment and might not be for everyone. Some opt for less permanent options like threading and tinting, which you can still get a fantastic finish with. There are more tools coming out every month on how to achieve more perfect-looking brows, so the microblading trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their brows?

I’d say choosing the wrong colour brow pencil is a common mistake, as well as plucking incorrectly. Although I don’t recommend plucking your brows yourself, if you do, you should use natural light, holding your mirror at arm’s length. People get tweezer happy. Over-plucking your brows is the cardinal sin of brow management. Always get it done by a professional if you can and only remove pesky stray hairs when necessary. If you’re going to pluck at home, do it straight after a shower as your pores are more open and hairs glide out more easily.

Suman Brows Threading
Suman Brows Threading

What advice do you give to people trying to grow back their eyebrows?

I would recommend waiting as long as before touching them. Luckily Cara Delevingne has bought back the natural, full brow look, so don’t be afraid to leave them longer than you normally would, to get as much regrowth as possible. I would recommend microblading as this is the answer for achieving luscious thick and perfect brows.

What are some good at-home remedies for treating brows?

If you are trying to regrow brows, use castor oil in the evenings. You can also gently exfoliate them with a homemade mix of coconut oil and sugar. Gently work in the mixture from the outside in a few times a week and this will stimulate hair growth as well as nourish your brows.

What’s are your tips for applying an eyebrow pencil?

You should be as light-handed as possible – less is always more. The trick is to use as little product as possible and then build it gradually. I love BY TERRY’s eyebrow products for achieving this. They have an eyebrow pencil [CRAYON SOURCILS TERRYBLY] which is great if you want natural-looking brows and for those of you who are not overly comfortable using an eyebrow pencil. There’s also the EYEBROW LINER, which is like a felt tip pen so it’s easy-to-use and gives a very clean line.

What about the colour?

We all suit different shades, so I’d advice experimenting with warm and ashy-toned pencils. Make sure it’s not too dark for your face as that can really ruin the look. Always groom your brows with a spoolie or an eyebrow mascara if you want the colour to look natural.

Asides from microblading, which of your other treatments are popular?

I love doing lash enhancement tattoos. This is essentially a really fine tattooed line between the lashes which makes them look enhanced. I use different pigments for different eye colours, for example jet black to suit brown eyes, but I could perhaps add a shade of blue depending on the individual.

How do you get your eyes party ready?

I like to enhance eyes using eyeshadow. I love using taupe colours for those with paler skin. Personally, I’m an eyeliner girl, adding a flick for a more dramatic evening look, followed by mascara. I might pair this with a few shades from BY TERRY’s EYE DESIGNER PALETTE if I want a smoky eye. And of course, you cannot forget the brows. For the evening, I will certainly add more definition. Eyebrows make a face after all!

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