New Year’s Eve Makeup: Top Ten Beauty Tips

Tip 1: Cleanse

The key to flawless makeup is good skincare prep. Before you apply your makeup, the most important thing to do is to cleanse your skin, removing all traces of makeup. For this, Albane recommends our CELLULAROSE MICELLAR WATER CLEANSER, which works in threefold: cleansing, removing makeup and toning. “It’s important to make sure skin is perfectly cleansed so that it’s a clean canvas for makeup,” she explains. “If you apply makeup onto old makeup, it will look caky and faded. What’s great about our Micellar Water is that it only removes all traces of makeup, but it is also very hydrating, which is important for ensuring your skin looks it best.”

Skincare prep before makeup
Skincare prep before makeup

Tip 2: Moisturise

Smooth our award-winning Baume de Rose moisturising cream onto the face and neck for extra hydration. Albane notes how our BAUME DE ROSE face cream is the best pre-makeup moisturiser because it’s very nourishing without being too rich, making it the perfect base.

Tip 3: Prime the skin

Once your skin is properly prepped, you can then apply your makeup. Begin with our CELLULAROSE BRIGHTENING CC SERUM, which is both illuminating brightening without being shiny. Albane suggests mixing two shades together to get the best results. “You can mix any of the shades, but shades No.1 and No.4 is personally my favourite blend. I love the brightening action of number 1 combined with the warmth of number 4. It brightens the skin without looking orange. It’s like in the North Pole where you get the purest, brightest sunlight. That is what this mixture reminds me of.”

Tip 4: Coverage

Next comes coverage. “I personally like applying our STYLO-EXPERT CLICK STICK concealer before foundation because I find it gives a more natural result. However, if you have heavy dark circles, it’s better to do it after,” says Albane. She also recommends applying the concealer on dark circles and blending it down towards the lower cheekbones area.

“Many people make the mistake of applying concealer just on their dark circles, when actually that will draw attention to them because they will be a different shade from the rest of your face.”

When it comes to foundation, Albane prefers to keep it light. “After you've applied the serum and concealer, you won’t need much coverage. It’s really about smoothing and evening out your skin tone, so I'd suggest using our LIGHT-EXPERT CLICK BRUSH, which has a very lightweight formula.”

Tip 5: Go for Smoky

While the majority of people will do their full face of makeup before doing their eyes, this is not actually the best way, according to our Head of Artistry. “When it comes to skin perfecting, it should be dependent on your chosen eye look. If you’re doing quite a dramatic look like a smoky eye but apply your bronzer and highlighter with bare eyes, you may be tempted to go very heavy and then suddenly find you’ve put way too much makeup on once you’ve done your eyes.”

Our OMBRE BLACKSTAR No.1 is foolproof for creating a perfect ombre effect. It’s intense, easy-to-use and long-lasting. First apply it on the lash line, then blend it out across the lid and on the lower lash line, before smudging it with a brush. To make it even more dramatic, draw CRAYON KOHL TERRYBLY No.1 along the waterline. Finish with a few coatings of mascara.

Tip 6: Add Colour

If you’re going for a smoky eye, make sure to add some colour, says Albane. “I like using our GLOW-EXPERT DUO STICK because it creates a very soft contouring effect.” To sculpt, apply shade No.1 Amber Light along the lower cheekbones and then blend out using the Soft-Buffer Foundation Brush. For blush, apply No.2 Terra Rosa onto the apples of the cheeks.

Tip 7: Perfecting & Highlighting

Test out your new Preciosity Flash Light Dual Compact for a luminous glow this New Year’s Eve. Sweep it across the face for a truly radiant finish.

Tip 8: Ring it in with Red

There’s nothing more classic than red lips. “I always go for a red lip at New Year's because it’s very festive. It is the go-to colour for evening glamour and as a French brand, it is also our signature colour.” For an immaculate pout in one fell swoop, use our ROUGE-EXPERT CLICK STICK No.17 My Red, which is guaranteed to last well after the ball drops at midnight.

Tip 9: Fragrance

The ultimate finishing touch to any beauty party look is, of course, fragrance. Add a spritz of our Delectation Splendide, launched last summer, for a decadent evening scent that is bound to capture everyone’s attention.

Tip 10: Hair

If you do not have time to get your hair done professionally, Albane recommends wearing an embellished headband to push hair out of the face to show off your beautifully made up face and to add an extra touch of glamour.

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