Terry de Gunzburg x Gabriella Elio, Sweed Lashes Collaboration

BY TERRY Collaborates with Sweed Lashes

Terry de Gunzburg and Gabriella Elio
Terry de Gunzburg x Gabriella Elio

Type #falselashes into Instagram and you will find more than half a million posts relating to this booming beauty trend, from photos to video tutorials. Ever since the early 20th century when false lashes were introduced to the big screen on Hollywood starlets, women have desired long, luxurious lashes. However, what Instagram and YouTube today reveal are that women no longer perceive false lashes as being restricted to red carpet events, but something that can be worn everyday as a glamorous extension to their daily makeup routines.

One of the women responsible for this change in perception is Gabriella Elio, founder of Sweed Lashes. A professional makeup artist, Gabriella spotted a gap in the market for high-quality, wearable false eyelashes designed to suit all women for every occasion – thus, Sweed Lashes was born. Launched in Sweden two years ago, the brand has taken the industry by storm and is stocked in more than 600 stores across Scandinavia.

This autumn sees us collaborate with Sweed on a range of professional lashes. This is a particularly exciting moment for BY TERRY as it marks our first brand partnership. Our founder Terry de Gunzburg was introduced to Gabriella a few months ago at a press event in Stockholm and immediately fell in love with her quintessentially Swedish, edgy vibe and her philosophy on beauty. Both makeup artists, the two bonded over their shared passion for high-quality cosmetics and after Terry tried on a pair of Sweed Lashes which Gabriella had gifted to her, she knew they should partner together.

Terry recognised that the major difference between Sweed Lashes’ products and others on the market is the quality. Gabriella and her team have developed a unique method of handcrafting the natural lashes with a band of translucent cotton so that they seamlessly adapt to one’s eye shape and provide a soft and comfortable fit. The brand’s 3D lashes have also proven revolutionary, with layers of lashes built in a dynamic, criss-cross pattern to create a voluminous, but lightweight effect. To make her collection universal, Gabriella offers a range of colours, including blonde, brown and black, and lashes to suit all eye sizes.

Terry wanted to capture this high level of quality and universality (both of which are already intrinsic qualities of BY TERRY) within her range of lashes, which is why she decided to create four different lash styles. These range from a subtle everyday style to a dramatic evening look, thereby suiting all occasions.

BY TERRY and Sweed Lashes
BY TERRY x Sweed Lashes Edition

Each lash has been christened a French name to describe its specific style and function. TÊTE À TÊTE is the most natural-looking of the four; described by Terry as the perfect “first date lashes”, they have been designed so that “even if you're looking at someone close up, you can’t tell if they’re wearing lashes or not”. On the end of the spectrum, TERRYFIC 3D were designed by Terry and Gabriella as the ultimate going-out lashes. Meanwhile, TERRY FLAIR is a compilation of three single lashes and is perfect for beginners and professionals. Finally, ŒIL DE BICHE is arguably the most popular and classic style. Meaning ‘doe eyes’ in English, Œil de Biche was inspired by the late French Hollywood actress Brigitte Bardot and is, according to our founder, a must-have in every woman’s lash wardrobe. If Terry had to choose one set of lashes as her favourite, it would be the TERRY FLAIR because of their versatility, making them a best friend to makeup artists.

Like Terry, Sweed founder Gabriella often looks back into the past as a source of inspiration. The brand’s packaging was drawn from the old powder boxes women used to have on their dressing tables. “I'm all about luxuriously presented products so I could never see myself buying a pair of lashes packaged in an unsightly box,” says Gabriella. “I wanted to create unique packaging that’s a bit retro and decadent.” This is how the founder came up with the name Sweed, being derived from the words ‘sweet’ (the boxes signature turquoise pastel colour is inspired by macarons) and ‘Sweden’, from where the company was founded.

BY TERRY and Sweed Lashes Display
BY TERRY x Sweed Lashes Display

With her brand, Gabriella wanted to dispel the myth that false lashes are unsophisticated and unfashionable, but rather classic, timeless and stylish, which is what makes this collaboration with BY TERRY so apt. “A few years ago, many people thought false lashes were costume makeup and would never think of a normal person with a day-to-day job wearing them,” she comments. “But you can now wear false lashes to work and it doesn't matter if you're old or young.”

As her signature beauty look, Gabriella favours flawless, natural-looking makeup: “I really prefer light layers of makeup so you look as though you’re not really wearing any. I love this paired with nude lips and of course, some false lashes to complete the look.”

The ambitious founder confides how she could imagine branching out into other product categories in the future, such as tweezers or a mascara, but now, her sole focus is on expanding the business globally. In five years’ time, she hopes Sweed Lashes will supply some of the world’s biggest beauty stores and considering her success to date, we feel confident she will succeed.  

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