Annoushka Ducas

Laying Down Roots: Annoushka Ducas’ Globetrotting Life

To say that Annoushka Ducas is a well-travelled woman is an understatement. The British jeweller’s passion for exploration has seen her travel all over the world discovering unchartered places and has been the catalyst for her global business success to date. 

And at 51, the jeweller’s globetrotting bug sees no sign of abating. When we catch up with her over coffee, Annoushka has just got back from Ethiopia with her husband and two youngest children, which turned out to be the trip of her lifetime as they stayed with the local tribespeople at the Lumale Camp in the Omo Valley. 

“I found it fascinating,” she exclaims. “These are traditional tribes which have lived in the same way for thousands of years and only about 40 to 50 people visit a year. We were camping with the tribe, four hours up the Omo River, five hours in a four-wheel drive from the nearest airport and no telephone, no Wi-Fi, nothing. It was pretty extraordinary.” While the jeweller enjoys luxury holidays, she notes how “she’s not learning anything on these trips” and so loves “the adventure kind of travel”, when she can fully immerse herself in a new culture and way of life. 

“It was the first time in I can’t remember how long that I had no technology whatsoever. The thing about it is you genuinely switch off and focus on whatever it is that you're seeing, and so you come back totally relaxed.”

Annoushka is already planning her next trip to Outer Mongolia to help herd the wild horses. Because of her wild exploits and hectic lifestyle as a businesswoman and mother, Annoushka’s beauty regime is fairly low maintenance, favouring high quality, natural products, which is the reason why she is such a fan of BY TERRY.

Annoushka Ducas
Annoushka Ducas

“It’s no surprise that I have BAUME DE ROSE in my bag right now and it comes with me everywhere I go,” she says, smiling. “I love the smell and how it’s so light unlike some other lip balms and moisturisers, which can be very thick. I hate it when you apply cream and it feels heavy. Baume de Rose’s texture is perfect. And of course, it smells gorgeous.”

After long days spent travelling and early morning rises, Annoushka arms herself with the BY TERRY HYDRA-ÉCLAT EYE CONTOUR as her anti-fatigue skincare treatment to relieve puffiness and diminish bags and dark circles. To add a bit of glamour in the evenings to her otherwise pared-back makeup look, Annoushka favours an orange-red lipstick to match her fair skin tone, particularly BY TERRY’s ROUGE-EXPERT CLICK STICK in shade No.17 My Red. 

Having used it continually during her most recent trip to Asia to visit her store there (which opened last year), Annoushka now cannot do without our bestselling CELLULAROSE BRIGHTENING CC SERUM in No.3 Apricot Glow, which she loves for its radiance-enhancing properties. 

Annoushka’s earliest beauty memory was discovering her mother’s makeup as a young girl and “plastering it all over my face”. Annoushka’s childhood has always been a huge source of inspiration and her latest collection, Touch Wood, is directly influenced by her trips to Soviet Russia with her mother and the wooden signet ring her mother would wear on these visits.     

Annoushka has always felt strongly that jewellery has talismanic properties and throughout her life has collected rare and precious objects, much like our founder Terry de Gunzburg. This is what made Annoushka the perfect brand to feature in our Preciosity Christmas campaign, which was inspired by Terry’s love of precious stones and jewellery. “I have always loved BY TERRY and everything the brand stands for,” she states. “Terry is an inspirational businesswoman, so I was honoured to lend my jewellery for the Preciosity Christmas campaign.”

When asked what is most precious to her, Annoushka’s answer is simple: “My four children, without question.”

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