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Lydia Millen’s Paris Fashion Week Tips

What do you love about Paris Fashion Week?

This is actually my first Paris Fashion Week. I’ve done LFW many times and always do a couple of shows during it, but as a rule I only go if there’s a reason for me to go. My blog is about my personal style and what I like to wear so it doesn’t really fit in with my audience to do a full LFW report. I love fashion, but I’m all about the girl who wears it on a daily basis.

BY TERRY influencer Lydia Millen
Lydia Millen

How many outfits have you got planned for each day?

Literally hats off to girls who plan multiple outfits to wear, but I can’t do that! I buy things and wear them so much that often I’ll wear the same thing again in that week. I’m not there to show off how many different outfits I have. I don’t do anything too special as I still want it to be very much my own style, so for Paris, I’ve simply just pulled a few pieces from Net-a-porter to wear.

Heels or flats?

I am a bit of a heels wearer just because I feel so dumpy in flats. I see other girls and they look so cute in ballet pumps, but when I wear them, my posture changes and I don’t feel quite right.

Which are your favourite Parisian haunts?

In the summer, I love going to Hotel Costes and sitting in the courtyard. It’s so nice to just chill there and have a glass of Prosecco or a cocktail.

Which designer(s) are you most excited about seeing?

The main reason I am going out there is to see the Balmain show. I can’t wait.

Balmain A/W17 Collection
Balmain A/W17 Collection

What’s the hero product in your makeup bag?

BY TERRY’s new Stylo-Expert Click Stick for sure. It’s literally my saving grace. It doesn’t settle into the creases even though it’s high coverage or make blemishes cakey. You can also do a lot with it, especially when you want a more natural base. It can often scare people to go for something this high coverage, but used in the right way it can really enhance a light base and that’s what I’m all about - applying makeup where it’s needed and then letting good skin show where it isn’t. One time when I was having a bad skin day, the only thing I had with me was the clicker [as I like to call it] and it’s so easy-to-use on the go because of its shape. It’s like an eraser for the skin.

How do you keep yourself looking camera-ready?

BY TERRY’S new Compact-Expert Dual Powder has become an integral part of my beauty routine. It’s the only powder I can use on my face. I was forever trying other brands’ loose powders, but I’d always end up looking like those women in old Hollywood films who’d use those giant powder puffs. I’d be on shoots and look at myself and think, ‘I look like a snowman, I don’t understand’. This powder gives me an amazing sheen as well as mattifying me in the places I need throughout the day.

BY TERRY Expert Collection
BY TERRY Expert range

How will you transition from day to night with your makeup?

I find that these days I don’t really redo my makeup. I’ve realised that it’s better to make do with what’s already there and simply adding makeup where it needs to be added. I mentioned this in one of my videos and was surprised how many people loved it. So, for instance with Baume de Rose, rather than using it on my lips or cuticles, I use it on my eyes because I’m no good at applying eyeshadow. I apply it almost like a sheen and unlike other lip balms, Baume de Rose brings this light-reflecting quality and glow to your face, which is something I personally like to go for with my makeup.

What’s your go-to lip colour?

To accentuate my lips, I don’t go for a red; red is only for when I’m really feeling and in those moments, I’ll wear My Red, which is shade No.17 in the BY TERRY Rouge-Expert Click Stick range. Typically, I’ll go for a nude so the new Rouge-Expert in shade No.30 Chai Latte, which Terry de Gunzburg created with me in mind so is particularly special. And to finish, I’ll dab a bit of the Stylo-Expert concealer in the centre of my lips just to give me a bit more of a fuller pout.

Images from top: Lydia Millen, BY TERRY & Space NK Expert event, photography: Michaela Tornaritis; Balmain A/W17 show; BY TERRY Expert range, photography: Michaela Tornaritis

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