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Dangerous Liaisons

BY TERRY refreshes its olfactory offering this summer with a decadent new fragrance, Delectation Splendide. A true feast for the senses, we celebrate the launch with a worldwide exclusive at Harrods throughout August.

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A Whole New World

BY TERRY has given its flagship Paris store 36 Galerie Vero-Dodat a stunning makeover and invites customers inside its new Art Deco-inspired universe.

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Terry's Style Legacy

Having worked for 15 years at YSL, Terry de Gunzburg understands that are the worlds of beauty and fashion are inextricably linked. It was while working for one of the most revered haute couteur fashion houses that the BY TERRY founder invented her unique concept of bespoke beauty, which has come to define her eponymous brand.

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Terry de Gunzburg's home in Manhattan

A Fine Art

Take an exclusive look inside founder Terry de Gunzburg's exquisite homes around the world, which are filled with her impressive collection of precious objects and artwork. Carefully curated over the past two decades, the vast collection highlights the founder's innate eye for beauty.

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Terry’s Ingredients

“We used to live on the shores of Egypt when I was a child, and I remember staring at the most beautiful plants and admiring their beauty and at the same time wondering about the scientific creation behind them. I always wanted to deconstruct flowers and plants to understand how they were made.” - Terry de Gunzburg.

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Bed of Roses, BY TERRY'S signature ingredient

Terry's DNA

Terry de Gunzburg's passion for roses, a flower which has come to define the BY TERRY brand and is the signature ingredient in many of its bestselling products, stems from her childhood, and has been nurtured ever since.

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Terry's Philosophy

To create her now globally successful beauty brand, BY TERRY, founder Terry de Gunzburg drew upon her own lifestyle and beauty needs as a busy working woman and mother.

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History in the Making

​Nestled in the 1st arrondissement of Paris just off of rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau is the covered passage, Galerie Vero-Dodat. Built in 1826 during the Bourbon restoration dynasty, covered galleries were hugely popular city playgrounds for the new middle classes complete with public baths, bistros and billiards halls—by the mid-19th century there were over 150 passages in Paris alone.

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Terry’s Lab

Throughout her career, Terry has been obsessed with the scientific side of beauty and has spent decades working closely with research and development teams across makeup, skincare and fragrance. With a family background in science—her father is a pharmaceutical researcher—and early studies in medicine, she’s always appreciated the power of active ingredients to treat and enhance the skin.

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Light-Expert Click Brush

How to work the revolutionary BY TERRY foundation, the Light-Expert Click Brush, part of the Expert range.

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By Terry Rouge Expert Pack 20 Open

Rouge-Expert Click Stick

How to achieve perfect lipstick definition, bold colour and ultimate coverage using the innovative Rouge-Expert Click Stick.

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Compact Expert

Compact-Expert Dual Powder

How to apply the new Compact-Expert Dual Powder, designed to highlight, contour, set and mattify makeup.

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Glow Expert N1 Ouvert

Glow-Expert Duo Stick

How to apply our 3-in-1 glow stick, which has been inspired by the latest contouring and strobing techniques.

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