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Bed of Roses, BY TERRY'S signature ingredient

Terry's DNA

One of Terry de Gunzburg’s earliest olfactory memories is of her mother pouring rose water into her bath when she was little. Her grandmother and mother were also great advocates for using pure rose water and rose oil on the skin in order to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion and this is a principle Terry has followed throughout her life. “My passion for roses is in my DNA for sure,” she explains. “Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with this flower and I love everything about it.”


As well as loving roses for their “colours and fragrances, for the shape of their blossoms, their volumes and textures,” the cosmetics founder was captivated by their scientific properties and in what ways these could be used to revolutionise skincare. “I find it fascinating how the rose is recognised as the most romantic and delicate flower of all yet at the same time it has such powerful properties,” she comments. “For example, the strength of colour that comes from the crushed petals. This is what we use to achieve a healthy glow effect in our skincare.” 

It was through this fascination that led to the birth of the BY TERRY bestseller, Baume de Rose, in 2004 – a revolutionary product which sealed Terry’s fate as a skincare innovator. Like many great inventions, the creation of Baume de Rose was a lucky accident. In the early noughties, Terry was working on of her then hero products, Laque Levres Soin Intense – a deeply coloured balm which she and her team were attempting to reformulate in a colourless version. Their attempt was in vain, but it led to an intern making the mistake of doubling the amount of rose butter in the formula. Baume de Rose was thus born. 

For the past 15 years, Terry has explored the use of rose in skincare and fragrance, and her brand was the first to introduce rose plant cells in its products because of their anti-ageing benefits, as well as for “brightening and anti-dark spot action”. Rose is an essential ingredient of BY TERRY’S Cellularose range, which is designed to boost elastin and collagen production, resulting in plumper, more radiant and youthful-looking skin. For almost two decades, Terry has delved into the very nature of the rose and extracted its true essence into her products – it is therefore little wonder she describes her relationship with the flower as being a true “love affair”.