Terry’s Lab

Throughout her career, Terry has been obsessed with the scientific side of beauty and has spent decades working closely with research and development teams across makeup, skincare and fragrance. With a family background in science—her father is a pharmaceutical researcher—and early studies in medicine, she’s always appreciated the power of active ingredients to treat and enhance the skin.

The reason why Terry’s products are more expensive than some others isn’t because of money spent on packaging or aggressive advertising—instead the investment has been made in her state of the art research & development lab in Paris. Innovation is truly at the heart of not only the skincare collection, but the make-up line too. By using only the purest pigments in exceptionally high concentrations and combining nourishing and protective ingredients most usually found in skincare, By Terry’s colour products are multi-tasking and will improve your skin as you wear them.

For example, the Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow stick contains Tahitian black pearl extract which offers a film of protection to the delicate eyelid because it’s full of calcium. Or the iconic Baume de Rose which contains nutritive agents rich in EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) to keep lips supple long after application. Terry believes that beauty must appeal to the senses, so the scent of every product will smell exquisite, the feel of every cream will be decadent and the high-end ingredients will effectively enhance your skin—to Terry, that is what true luxury is all about. 

Terrys’ Lab:

As Terry explains, “experimenting to create new cosmetics is extremely scientific, especially if a brand is like By Terry—forward thinking and aiming to research the newest technologies. Because I have a strong understanding of raw materials, I like to investigate all the possibilities with the formulations to create something that is extra special and provides women with just that additional bit of confidence in their product.”

Quality, rarity, luxury and the use of only the purest and most natural ingredients are at the heart of the lab’s ethos. Terry is adamant that following marketing trends doesn’t make for great makeup and is always looking to upturn convention. “I like to create beauty through contrasts—for instance, using the most ancient, natural raw materials and combining them with the most innovative new skincare agents—and it’s that experimentation that makes all the difference.” Little wonder then that Terry is known as the Steve Jobs of the beauty world.