Mascara Terrybly Waterproof



Mascara Terrybly Waterproof

Mascara Terrybly Waterproof

Delivering the same amount of volume, length and curl as the original Mascara Terrybly but with an added long-lasting waterproof formula, this product ticks all of the boxes. The high-definition brush separates lashes and leaves a glossy finish, resulting in smooth and clump-free lashes that will remain flawless whatever the weather. 


- Silicon resin and flex stretch polymers.
- Extreme resistance to water, humidity and heat, without affecting the overall result.
- Separate, tame and lengthen lashes.

Application Tips

Place the brush close to the upper lash line and move back and forth to thoroughly coat each lash. The tip of the brush is ideal for adjusting the effect or for applying makeup in light strokes to the lower lashes.