32,00 €
  • N°1 Black Pearl
  • N°3 Blond Opal
  • N°4 Bronze Moon
  • N°5 Misty Rock
  • N°6 Frozen Quartz
  • ...1 more
69,50 €
  • N° 1 Immaculate Light
  • N°2 Rose Elixir
  • N° 3 Apricot Glow
  • N°4 Sunny Flash
46,00 €
86,50 €
  • N°1 Fresh Fair
  • N°2 Cream Ivory
  • N°3 Vanilla Beige
  • N°4 Natural Beige
  • N°6 Light Amber
  • ...6 more
26,00 €
  • N°1 Black Print
  • N°2 Brown Stellar
  • N°3 Bronze Generation
  • N°7 Brown Secret
  • N°10 Festival Gold
  • ...1 more


BY TERRY is an award-winning French luxury beauty brand dedicated to premium skincare infused makeup. Healthy and radiant skin has always been founder Terry de Gunzburg’s approach to makeup. BY TERRY’s ultra-luxurious products are innovative, practical, and often multipurpose. From our award-winning hyaluronic acid based loose setting powder, to foundations for dry skin and lash growth mascara, you’ll discover a wide range of skin saviors and makeup to enhance your natural beauty. You can even create a bespoke makeup palette of your choice at our online Palette Factory. The brand is represented in 45 countries including France, the United Kingdom, and the USA.