Cellularose® Liftessence Oil Elixir



Cellularose® Native Rose Cells Liftessence Oil Elixir

Cellularose® Liftessence Oil Elixir

This anti-ageing, firming and lifting serum is enriched with extracts and premium nutrients which work to nourish, hydrate and restore even the most dehydrated skin. The result is smoother, fuller and younger-looking complexions.  


- Essence of Native Ruby Rose Cells: Firming, anti-ageing.
- Rosehip oil: ensures optimal regenerative power of skin tissues.
- White Rose and Pastel Rose extracts: provide long-lasting moisturising, rebalancing and soothing action.
- Black Rose and French Rose extracts: neutralise free radicals and slow down skin ageing.
- Wild Rose extract: restores skin’s hydrolipidic film by filling skin micro-lesions.

Application Tips

Using the index and middle fingers, perform slow, upward movements, working outwards over one side of the face, alternating between the left and right hands. Repeat for the other side of the face.