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Mahi Aramideh, The Elixir Clinic
Mahi Aramideh, The Elixir Clinic

In 2018, wellness is still a massive buzzword. Rather than our work/life balance reaching a healthy equilibrium, it seems to be becoming more out of kilter. Reports indicate that people are working harder than ever, and stress levels are at an all-time high, with 85% of UK adults experiencing stress regularly. As such, we’re no longer looking for quick fixes to solve our health and beauty problems, but long-term solutions that can be fitted into our hectic lives.

Enter Mahi Aramideh, co-founder of The Elixir Clinic. The wellness clinic – the brainchild of Mahi and her business partner Acaena Amoros – now has three standalone clinics (two in the UAE and one in London). It specialises in intravenous vitamin infusions, which are fast becoming one of the fashionable new ways for people to get their essential nutrients. The tailor-made VitaDrip® infusions are a natural blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and have been designed to help clients feel rejuvenated while sustaining long-term well-being.

The extensive selection available includes those that target adrenal fatigue, anti-ageing, diet & detox, fitness, hair growth and jet lag, to name a few. And yet, Mahi and her team find that the most commonplace symptoms reported by clients are fatigue and stress.

“People come in and will often say, ‘I’m so stressed, I’ve only been sleeping 5 to 6 hours a day. I’ve been working very hard and I wake up feeling exhausted’. We’re all working so much harder than we used to, in comparison to our grandparents’ day for instance, and so people are understanding more and more the benefits of IV nutrients for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the most natural way possible.”

The Elixir Clinc treatment room, Harrods
The Elixir Clinc treatment room, Harrods

While you may think it easier and less invasive simply to take daily vitamin pills, these have been scientifically proven to be less effective, Mahi explains. “The human body absorbs less than 10 per cent of vitamins contained in pills and creams. With the IV infusion you absorb 100 per cent.” Infusions take an average of 45 minutes and at least six sessions are recommended for a period of three to six months, followed by one a week for six weeks, to get the full benefits.

However, this very much is dependent on the client and their lifestyle. The Elixir Clinic creates bespoke treatment plans for clients who are travelling on a weekly basis, but require a boost in their energy levels. The founder admits that, like so many of us, she finds it difficult maintaining a healthy lifestyle as she, too, is constantly travelling for work. As such, she makes sure she drinks three to four litres of water a day and monitors her caffeine intake. She also recommends doing a body cleanse once a month to flush out the toxins and if you can’t make it to the gym, 30 minutes of walking or light jogging daily.

Along with VitaDrips, Elixir offers other intravenous therapy treatments such as IV laser and ozone, along with intramuscular injections, rejuvenation therapies and diagnostic testing. Mahi notes how facial treatments are becoming increasingly popular as clients from young ages are becoming more concerned with their skincare and using organic, natural products free from harsh chemicals.

The founder’s own daily skincare routine involves a face cleanse, followed by an exfoliating scrub. She also loves a vitamin C-based serum, plus a hydrating cream. She notes how difficult it is to find natural products, which is why she is such a fan of BY TERRY, which incorporates natural ingredients and extracts in the majority of its products. While in the past people may have considered the infusions to be a quick-fix solution to not sleeping long enough or a bad hangover, Mahi stresses how clients now realise it is in fact a long-term wellness solution. After all, the key to looking good on the outside starts with looking after yourself on the inside.

“You can have quick fixes for your face and body any time you want,” says Mahi. “But how is this going to affect you in the long-term? We always need to think about what is going to happen in the next five, 10, 30 years.”

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