The Best Ways To Use The New Hyaluronic Palette, According To a Make-Up Artist

georgia rose

Georgia Rose, a professional make-up artist with a star-studded client list shares her favourite make-up tips and how she likes to use our new Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Palette.

Georgia says : ‘I have always been obsessed with makeup. The glamour of a red lip, how much more put together a lip gloss would make me feel and just how fun and exciting it was to play around with colours and products! Except I never thought I’d make a career out of it.’

‘When I grew into my teenage years and started to develop acne at school, I wanted to cover my skin immediately because I was insecure about it but the trouble was, my school had a strict ‘No Makeup’ rule.. so I had to be sneaky. I would spend hours trying new ways and techniques to perfect my skin without looking like I had makeup on… fast forward to now as a professional makeup artist in this huge (yet small) industry, I’ve perfected my techniques and tested hundreds of products to truly know and trust what works for not only myself, but most importantly my clients.’

‘The thing is, every skin is different. From dry skins to oily skins, texture, pores, undertones, overtones, you get the gist. And as I work with new people, I need to know what will work for all skin types and tones without any stress. And I also need to carry minimal products to save my back and my bank. Incoming the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder Palettes…’


Georgia and the Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Palette

‘When I first tried the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Palette, I instantly fell in love. Everyone I have done makeup on from celebrity to my mum have fallen in love with it too! As the formula glides onto the skin seamlessly (without looking like you’re even wearing powder), it creates an instant airbrushed finish whilst hydrating the skin too. It has been an absolute cannot live without product in my my personal and freelance kit for YEARS so when the Hyaluronic Hydra Powder Palettes launched, it’s safe to say I squealed with excitement!’

‘The best part about these face palettes is how versatile they are and actually how clever it is to have multiple shades of powder in one space. Each palette has 4 different shades inside so you can really tailor the way to use all 4 shades for different parts of your face and you can really create dimension to the skin with them.

Having multiple shades also means the palette will work for you all year round too so when you may be slightly paler in the winter and when you have a sun kissed glow in the summer!
The shade in the bottom right in the Light-Medium palette works as a lovely soft bronzer for all year round for me but I love using the Medium-Dark Palette as bronzers when I am more tan in the summer time.’

‘I would recommend using the lighter shades under the eyes to brighten and set your concealer, underneath the cheekbone to intensify your contour, throughout the centre of the face to add and all over depending on your skin tone throughout the year!

The darker shades can be used around the perimeter of the face to add depth and dimension to the face. I’d also suggest to use them over the eyelid to ensure a seamless eyeshadow application.

A pro tip of mine would be to use the powders on the eyelid underneath eyeshadow and to help blend any eyeshadow you may feel isn’t blending well! Swirl your brush into the powder and buff through any harsh edges of your eyeshadow look for a seamless blend.’

‘For a seamless and natural application, I always use a slightly smaller brush so I can focus on applying the product just where I want it. I personally have two different techniques to apply the product too.

When I want a softer, more natural application, a fluffier brush is best for a lighter dusting of power. I would lightly tap the brush onto the skin first to make sure you are not picking up any product underneath and then use more sweeping motions to blend for a seamless effect and more natural finish.

When I want to go a little more glam and intensify the coverage, I use a more dense brush and a ‘press and roll’ technique to basically push the powder into the skin. This technique is great at keeping oil at bay too so if a client of mine has oilier skin, I will always press and roll the powder.’

‘When I am on a job, these palettes are KEY for me as I have everything in one from shade range, to easy application. As the formula is pressed, I can do quick touch ups without the mess and faff of opening multiple powders for each models skin type and tone!

When working on celebrity clientele for any occasion whether it is for an event, filming or red carpet, cameras are always out so any product I use must look flawless on the skin at all times.’

‘One of my favourite things about the Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Palette is that you can touch up your makeup throughout the day with the palette without the product building up and looking heavy. It’s perfect to take your makeup look from day to night! Add a touch more under the eye to brighten, and a little more of the darkest shade in your palette to add warmth and colour back into the skin.’


By Terry

By Terry

Writer and expert