How To Choose The Perfect Signature Scent

How to choose the perfect signature scent

There’s a reason French perfume and signature scents go hand-in-hand. Beauty journalist Viola Levy elaborates…

Many of us are on the hunt for a new signature scent. But if you want a perfume with some serious ‘wow factor’, that adds a dash of glamour and Parisian chic when needed, then By Terry is among the top French perfume brands that you should be exploring if you haven’t already (France is the heart of the perfume world after all…)

Like a fragrant side-kick, our signature scent is there to give us that extra bit of superpower to get through the day. If we’re entering a new phase of life, like moving house or jobs (or even countries), its familiarity envelops us like a comfort blanket, reassuring us in times of stress or anxiety that “we’ve got this”. Our perfume can also be a calling card, leaving traces on your friend’s coat after you hug them goodbye. When people catch a whiff of it, they’re instantly reminded of you (smell has the closest link to memory after all).

No-one knows more about the power of French perfume than By Terry…

French women are among the most glamorous and formidable in the world, and all of the By Terry scents are created to add some timeless Parisian glamour into your life, as the one ‘invisible accessory’ you can’t leave home without.

But a scent has to feel like an extension of who you are already. You have to feel comfortable wearing it and still feel like ‘you’ albeit a heightened version of yourself. So it’s important to pick a perfume that chimes with your personality. With that in mind we’ve rounded up some By Terry scents for your olfactory consideration …

Want a French perfume that transports you to the Riviera?

For those who are at their happiest in the summer and long to lie on a beach all day, Soleil Piquant Eau de Parfum is pure scented sunshine. It boasts uplifting notes of neroli with zesty mandarin, underscored with rich almond blossom and wood. For me, it conjures up a sunny morning in Nice, sipping black coffee and eating orange segments while looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. Light, fresh and energising it will feel like it’s summer all year round – and is perfect for those who don’t want to wear anything too rich or too cloying.

Another scent that harnesses mandarin’s uplifting properties is Délectation Splendide Eau de Parfum, which combines this fruit with an intriguing cactus note (not as spiky as you might think!), to imbue the scent with greenery and depth which is then given added warmth with rich almond blossoms and woods. If you like scents that are fairly rich, but still feminine and cheery, this has enough potency to cut through a cold winter day but is also light and pretty enough for the unashamedly ‘girly’ among us!

A slightly fruitier – yet just as charming – concoction is Rêve Opulent.  It’s like escaping to a tropical island, which if you frequently long for adventure, can help transport you to new and exotic lands (even if you’re stuck in an office cubicle for 8 hours a day). Its sharp citrus and plum notes are mellowed with fuzzy notes of white peach and creamy vanilla, perfect to spritz on when you need a pick-me-up come 4pm.

For those who enjoy lighter scents and are fond of the open sea, Bleu Paradis is like being carried off on a gentle sea breeze. With an aquatic bouquet, it features soft, sweet undertones of Mauritian lychee and rose, without feeling too heavy or ‘floral’. It’s ideal for those who don’t care for rich, or overtly feminine fragrances, but prefer something unisex but also light. (Wear it with a crisp white shirt and your favourite jeans for a true ‘Parisienne’ look…)

Unlock the power of patchouli fragrance

Patchouli is an interesting note – and perennially popular. Despite being derived from a flower, it smells more earthy than floral and is renowned in aromatherapy for its calming, anti-depressant and even aphrodisiac properties. For those who have a full-on schedule and need some help de-stressing, a patchouli-based signature scent is just what’s needed. It’s one of the star ingredients in Goutte de Mercure Eau de Parfum (‘a drop of mercury’), which combines this magically addictive note with iris and violet, mimicking the scent of your favourite lipstick or a vintage makeup bag (it’s a must for beauty fans!).

Patchouli also works particularly well with rose, which is why it forms the base of Rose Infernale Eau De Parfum Intense. The patchouli in this formula helps bring out the rose’s more sensual side, with the help of warm amber. It warms up beautifully on the skin and is ideal for wearers who are old-fashioned romantics at heart (especially those who like to wear beautiful lingerie under their business suit!).

Treat yourself to an oud perfume

For those who really like fragrance to be rich and hypnotic (and enjoy being the centre of attention) then they should try an oud perfume. Enveloping the wearer like a cloak, oud has an intense, woody character – perfectly designed to suit deep thinkers and those drawn to all things deeply decadent! Terryfic Oud is a stunningly luxurious scent, warm and addictive with rich notes of leather, woods and resins. Or if you want to take things up a notch or two, then try Terryfic Oud Extrait de Parfum, which packs a seriously fragrant punch and won’t make passers-by forget you in a hurry!

Which By Terry perfume will be your signature scent…? Discover more here.

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